The “Criminal Minds” writer who Thomas Gibson kicked isn’t exactly level headed.

Gibson, who was fired last week for getting physical with one of the show’s writers Virgil Williams, could use the staff member’s violent past against him, according to TMZ.

Williams once flipped out on a 22-year-old production assistant during his time as a writer for NBC’s medical drama “ER,” the gossip site reports.

Williams “went ballistic” on the woman when he learned she took his spot on the shows off-screen recreational softball team, even threatening her life and promising to destroy her career.

Former ‘Criminal Minds’ star Thomas Gibson hires lawyer

After being ordered to attend anger management classes, Williams allegedly learned his lesson.

But Gibson plans to use the writer’s past actions as his defense and hired a lawyer to consider his legal options. The 54-year-old actor believes he was wrongly fired from the hit CBS drama after 11 years of portraying Special Agent Aaron Hotchner.

On Wednesday, Gibson joined Twitter to address his ousting, saying the support from fans “means the world” to him and his family.

“I had hoped to see through the end, but that won’t be possible now,” he said.

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