Tom Cruise is mortal after all. Though the actor didn’t experience any queasiness filming in zero gravity on the set of The Mummy, MTV News recently caught up with Cruise at the world premiere of the movie, where he revealed that his iron stomach was thrown for an unfortunate (and messy) loop while filming 1986’s Top Gun.

The actor also told MTV’s Josh Horowitz about the forthcoming Top Gun sequel, titled Top Gun: Maverick, including how Maverick still feels the need for speed and Val Kilmer’s possible involvement. Speaking of sequels, Cruise also confirmed that the rumored Edge of Tomorrow sequel is in the works but it will not be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat, as previously reported — at least not if he has the last word.

“We don’t know what the title is yet,” Cruise said, adding that “the story itself is great.” When asked if he liked director Doug Liman’s tentative title, the actor shook his head, replying, “I don’t think so.”

Well, that’s that.

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