“Take your shoes off!” demands Jenny Mollen. “Don’t steal anything!” adds Jason Biggs.

The married actors can’t keep a straight face for long while giving a tour of their modern Los Angeles home, which boasts a casual midcentury style, gorgeous views and an extensive — and occasionally strange — contemporary art collection.

“We’re really into art and this is one of our favorite pieces,” says Biggs, 38, of an unsettling work portraying a bizarre surgery scene. “We got it before we had a child,” explains Mollen. “We don’t think it’s necessarily the most kid-friendly piece.” The couple’s son, Sid, was born in 2014, and luckily doesn’t likely have any thoughts on the image just yet.

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Moving upstairs to the screening room, Biggs indicates the space is his “man cave.” “This is where we watch The Bachelor,” Mollen clarifies. Biggs is quick to admit his channel choice for the filming is intentionally misleading: “I put ESPN on right now to give the impression to the folks at home that I watch sports, but really this is where we watch The Bachelor and Real Housewives.”

The last stop on their tour is a sizable walk-in shower with a curiously placed window. “We can spy on other people while we shower,” says Mollen, “but the flip side is they can also spy on us.” The bright green tiled space has an impressive view across the canyon, but the neighbors, as both actors admit are likely getting an eyeful.

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Luckily, the apparent voyeurs don’t seem to mind. “There’s a very high likelihood that people across the canyon have watched us, on a regular basis, shower…in here…naked,” says Biggs. “Which is exciting,” his wife adds. “It makes us want to shower more.” Things get less subtle from there. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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