ESC: Catherine Lowe, Beauty Beat

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If you consider yourself to be just another member of #BachelorNation, Catherine Lowe needs no introduction.

If you watched her now-husband Sean Lowe‘s season of The Bachelor you very possibly fell in love with her yourself solely based on her low maintenance, girl-next-door vibe. The season 17 winner keeps her beauty routine simpler than ever now that she’s a new mom, but, for her, consistency is key. For the products she’s been loyal to for 10-plus years and all the details on her 20-minute skin-care routine, keep reading.

What’s your skin-care routine?
Especially during pregnancy, women can have skin problems, but I never had any because I took care of my skin every single day. It’s a six-step process at this point: Everything I use is by Chanel. The whole process takes up 20 minutes. I wash my face first with a cleanser and then I put a toner on, followed by an eye serum and a regular serum. Then I put on the moisturizer and sunscreen. You have to take breaks in between, so it doesn’t all go on at once. Even if I have nothing else on, that makes me feel good because I know that I’m taking care of my skin.

What product can you not live without?
I would say chap stick. I’ve been addicted to it since I was 17. I use the same exact product: Blistex Herbal Answer. But also for beauty: lashes. I have extensions. I just have to make sure that anywhere I go, even if it’s at the gym, that I have my lashes on, my chap stick and my under-eye stuff.

What product are you obsessed with?
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit. I have their wax crayon, too. I basically start at the bottom middle and then I brush up so that my brows look a little more natural.

What’s your signature lip color?
Right now I’m wearing Charlotte Tilbury in Bitch Perfect. I like the nude color because it just adds a little bit to my look. I naturally have lips that are on the darker side, so I like to mute them. I have natural blush in my cheeks, too, so it really helps to balance my look.

What’s your signature scent?
I’ve been a Versace Bright Crystal girl probably for the last 10 years and any time that I wear it out, still, at this age, people ask me what I’m wearing. It’s just my scent, and I will not stray. Spraying it on just makes me feel like I’m done, like I’m finished getting ready.

What is your best non-product related beauty tip?
Drink water. I am a fiend for water. It’s great for your skin, it’s great for your energy and it’s great for your health. I think that glowing from the inside out comes from sleep and water—and right now, with a newborn, all I can really rely on is water.

What is your go-to hair product?
For every day I like to keep it natural. I wash my hair in Deep Steep, which has no parabens and it’s sulfate-free. It’s done wonders for my hair—I wash it every five days, maybe. I think it really helps with the length and keeping it really healthy.

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