There’s no comic relief for Donald Trump.

The GOP presidential hopeful is beheaded in an issue of a Spawn comic book out this week.

Trump is included in the body count of Image Comics’ aptly-titled “Spawn Kills Everyone!” which features a cartoonish version of the superhero butchering his way through San Diego Comic Con.

And yes, there’s a lot that can be read into that page.

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“I’m Canadian, I don’t get to vote,” “Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane told the Daily News. “My blood boils when I run into people who do not believe in equality, or in (humanity).

“This guy, Donald Trump, in the simplest form has put the con in conservative.”

The cartoon Trump endures a pretty ignoble death, considering he appears alongside The Red Skull, a Marvel villain with Nazi ties. (A number of left-leaning celebrities have equated the candidate with Hitler.)

The rest of the sequence — which ends with the cartoonish Lil’ Spawn swapping severed heads between Trump and the Red Skull’s corpses — hammers home the message.

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Spawn, a murdered soldier who strikes an infernal bargain to return from Hell to seek revenge against his killers, has always been a character that has prickled.

Donald Trump meets a grisly fate in "Spawn Kills Everyone!"

Donald Trump meets a grisly fate in “Spawn Kills Everyone!”

(Courtesy of Image Comics)

“I’ve already stuck my neck out for every month for 20 years’ worth of a character who messes with the standards of Christian theology,” said McFarlane.

A number of conservative critics tweeted their outrage over the grisly scene.

“Secret Service is anyone there? If 1 of us peons posted this drawing w/ #CrookedHillary instead…,” fumed one Republican voter.

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But McFarlane has a message to anyone who’s offended.

“There’s a word called parody,” the comic legend said.

“If my goal was to sit here and comment about Trump and conservative values, I would have to spend a lot more than a page.

“I could do a 30-issue series.”

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