0630_oj_simpson_heisman-trophy-tmz-sports-1The man who contacted USC claiming he had the school’s copy of O.J. Simpson‘s Heisman Trophy has been sentenced in the missing Heisman caper … and will NOT do any jail time. 

The story is bizarre … Lewis Starks had claimed he bartered for the trophy after it was stolen from Heritage Hall at USC back in 1994. 

(FYI, both the player and the school get a trophy to display. O.J.’s trophy was reportedly purchased by a private collector in 1999.) 

Starks was adamant he was NOT the guy who broke the case and made off with the statue — but says he later traded it in exchange for a Honda Accord and $500 cash. 

He contacted USC about the trophy in 2014 — which sparked a police investigation. He was later charged with receiving stolen property

Now, we’ve learned he copped a deal with prosecutors — pleading no contest to receiving stolen property … and in exchange he was sentenced to 3 years probation. 

Case closed. 

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