0623-josh-altman-matt-altman-TMZ-02A man who says he hates all Jews is threatening to kill Matt Altman from ‘Million Dollar Listing‘ … according to the docs filed by Matt.

Altman just requested and got a restraining order against Alex Khadavi, a famous L.A. dermatologist, who Matt says has been threatening him by phone and in person.

In the docs Matt says Khadavi walked up to him at a real estate event, and when Matt asked him to leave the private event … Khadavi blurted out he “hated all Jews” … and said he was going to kill Matt.

Matt says Khadavi’s been making racist and homophobic comments by phone for years, but now that the guy’s doing it face-to-face … he needs protection.

The court order says Khadavi must stay 100 yards away from Matt and his girlfriend, Johanna … plus Josh Altman and his wife, Heather.

We’ve reached out to Khadavi, but no word back yet.

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