Mighty was talking to Smarty Marty, President of the entire Mighty Quinn Fan Club. “I remember you told me when you first got the senior citizen discount on the LIRR, you were surprised no one asked you for proof of age.”

“That’s right, Mighty. Everyone says I look good for my age, but I was never asked for proof.”

“The same thing happened to me, Smarty Marty. When I asked for the senior citizen’s discount, whether at Penn Station or Brooklyn, the clerks never ask me for proof.”

“But you don’t look 66, Mighty.”

“That’s my point, Smarty Marty. You always tell me I don’t look my age, so how come nobody asks me for proof for the senior citizens discount?”

“They probably know you’re Mighty Quinn and know you would never lie about your age.” replied Smarty Marty.

Mighty was waiting on the Rangers (Game 1) on Thursday and likes the Predators on Friday. The deficit is 970 sirignanos.

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