Matt Damon, TIFF

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hang out with Matt Damon.

The Jason Bourne star slipped back into his famed character to conduct an elaborate prank on his fans. The setup: Everyday people are enjoying normal afternoons as Damon and his crew observe via hidden camera. Suddenly, an actor in dark shades approaches, handing them ringing cell phones.

On the other line? Damon, rattling off Taken-style demands. Casual.

“We set up a simulation to give unsuspecting people the chance to feel like they’re in a spy movie,” Damon said in a video for Omaze, the fundraising site with which he partnered for the project. “All they have to do is trust me.”

The confused fans on the other end of the phone have no idea they’re talking to the A-lister as he cryptically delivers instructions like, “There’s a man on the bridge. Go to that man and take a package from him. Do it right now.” (One fan’s response: “This better not be f–kin’ illegal.”)

Those who played along are eventually rewarded with a very special manila envelope containing clues that leads them to a critical location—Damon’s hidden hideout.

The surprise gets even crazier from there as Damon presents the shocked fans with tickets to the Jason Bourne premiere!

Feeling jealous? Damon anticipated that. That’s why anybody from home can get in on the red-carpet premiere action. By donating $10, fans can enter for their own chance to win premiere tix and meet Damon himself. All the donations benefit Damon’s philanthropy

You can make a donation and enter for premiere tickets at

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