“Twilight” star Kellan Lutz braved an impossible traffic jam, sweaty subways and rabid mobs to make it to an interview at NBC studios.

The 31-year-old silver screen stud was spotted emerging from a subway stop in Midtown and rushing to 30 Rock where eager fans were shocked to see him on foot outside the show’s studio last week.

“He was stuck in traffic on W. 20th St. with the show already started. Lutz jumped out of his SUV and went underground to catch the subway,” said a source who saw the star spring into action in Chelsea after he realized the ride to Midtown was going to be unbearable.

Lutz ditched his ride on W. 20th St. and dashed uptown to W. 23rd St., where he jumped onto the R train and rode it to 49th St. The movie star emerged from the subway just north of Times Square, where tourists recognized him immediately.

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“Fans were screaming — literally screaming — as soon as he hit Times Square,” said one witness. We’re told that Lutz was “sweaty” when he came out of the train.

“He was two avenues from the studio and kind of speed-walking, but everyone kept trying to stop him for selfies,” said one onlooker. “He would stop and give them quick hugs and he kept telling them he had to go.”

Things weren’t any easier for Lutz once he got to 30 Rock, where “Twihards” had gathered outside to see their idol — never imagining they’d get such a close look. Once again, Lutz posed for photos even though “New York Live,” the program on which he was a scheduled guest, had already started shooting. Lutz finally made it into the building and headed upstairs for his segment, which went according to plan.

Afterwards, the busy actor strolled over to The Out Hotel on W. 42nd St. where he grabbed a hard-earned lunch at The Lindeman — an eatery where he’d been spotted unwinding a couple of times last week.

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