0729-floyd-mayweather-tmz-01There’s only one thing crazier than spending $1.5 million on a Bugatti Veyron … spending $50k just to get the damn thing fixed … but that’s exactly what Floyd Mayweather just did.

We spoke to Obi Okeke from DoctorBugatti.com who tells us he just serviced Floyd’s Bugatti … and it came out to a little bit more than your annual trip to Pep Boys.

Here’s the breakdown … 4 2015 Bugatti tires $33k … basic service (oil & fluid changes) $23k … then to top it off a $3k detailing service where the damn Armor All must be made out of 24k gold.

Final price tag was well over $50k.

Wanna feel even LESS normal? Obi says he’s had to start AN ENTIRELY SEPARATE COMPANY to service Floyd’s cars because he has to move them around for service so often. 

Just … wow.


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