Jerry Maguire launched the careers of two child stars, but they didn’t actually meet while making the film. Jonathan Lipnicki, who played the adorable Ray, became a household name overnight after this movie premiered — unsurprising, since his character was so hilariously random. And while Lipnicki was one of the main stars, another famous actor from your childhood got his big break in the Oscar-nominated movie: Drake Bell.

Bell played Jesse, a boy who asked Jerry (Tom Cruise) to help his dad quit playing professional hockey after getting his fourth concussion. Yes, he’s the one who says “Fuck you” to Jerry when he blows him off.

On Sunday (April 23), Lipnicki and Bell took a long-overdue pic together. “Just two dudes who started their careers in Jerry Maguire,” Lipnicki captioned. “It’s so weird we JUST MET.” We are so here for this picture-perfect Jerry Maguire reunion encounter.

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