Christie Brinkley’s daughter is calling out her Instagram haters for their less-than-model behavior.

Sailor Brinkley Cook, 18, lambasted a slew of online naysayers Tuesday after she was ambushed with nasty comments about her physical appearance — many of which comparing her to her mother and half-sister Alexa Ray Joel.

“Everyone needs to stop putting me and my siblings and me and my mother in competition,” she began in a lengthy Instagram missive. “I believe comparison will kill you. Comparison to others is toxic and unhealthy.”

A wave of keyboard-confident commenters scrutinized the teenage model’s looks after she posed for a photo with her mother — one of the world’s most acclaimed cover girls — as she moved into her new Parsons School of Design dorm room.

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After reading a wave of the online diatribe, Sailor compiled five of the most hateful remarks and shared them on her Instagram page.

“Sorry, but she looks nothing like her mother,” one cynic wrote. “She’s average at best.”

Another harshly opined that Brinkley’s daughter other daughter Alexa Ray Joel — who she shares with legendary musician Billy Joel — was “actually prettier” than Sailor.

“Daughter is not a model,” another especially critical user wrote. “A 7/10.”

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The bevy of put-downs prompted the teen model to fire back, dedicating a sizable portion of her message to begging others to cease the mother-daughter evaluations.

“Stop. comparing. me. to. my. Mother,” she wrote. “Believe it or not I am my own person with my own beliefs and own thoughts and my own face! Eyes smile teeth forehead! All mine!”

“Being constantly compared to her 50+ years of success at only 18 years old?” she continued. “And being told I could never amount to what she was and what she looks like? Doesn’t feel great.”

She also slammed those who dissed her new university after one user dubbed it “the ultimate NYC school for do-nothing trust fund babies.”

Brinkley’s youngest daughter then ended her message by urging her followers to “spread love” and quit making her feel “constantly inferior and hurt.”

Sailor is under a modeling contract with IMG Models and has been featured in Town and Country and Seventeen magazine.

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