Listen up, Christian McCaffrey … a (smoking hot) modeling vet has some advice for you … STICK TO FOOTBALL … saying there’s waaaaay more money in catching passes than catwalks.

We got former SI Swimsuit model Genevieve Morton out in L.A. and asked her professional opinion of Christian’s shirtless look … the one that’s been driving the ladies (and some fellas) crazy all week.

The thirst fest has been so rampant that it’s made some people wonder if Christian has a future off the gridiron as the next big thing in the modeling world.

Check out the clip — Genevieve thinks that’s a BAD IDEA … telling our guy that Christian could definitely model if he wanted to … but he needs to keep his (hot) ass on the field if he wants to make big cash.

BTW … Christian, if you’re reading this she seems totally down … might be worth a DM … just sayin’.


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