Charles Oakley is not afraid to speak his mind when sharing his thoughts on today’s NBA.

Appearing on Michael Rapaport’s “I Am Rapaport” podcast in Dallas over the weekend, the former Knick went after the current state of the NBA. Oakley said there are current NBA players who are “so sensitive” and some who “should wear dresses.”

“We drank milk, they drink water, it’s a big difference,” Oakley said.

When Oakley’s comments started to spread on social media, many were quick to point out that Dennis Rodman, who played in the league the same time as Oakley, once famously wore a dress.

Oakley might be bitter towards the current NBA because he hasn’t really had the best experience with the league recently.

Last month, the Knicks legend critiqued Kristaps Porzingis for skipping an exit meeting with the team when the season ended. He was also infamously dragged out of Madison Square Garden in handcuffs following a scuffle with security during a game last season.

Oakley spent 19 years in the NBA from 1985-2004, including 10 seasons in New York.

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