Matt Mondanile apologizes amid sexual impropriety allegations

The indie rocker's former band revealed it kicked him out last year after accusations of his "unacceptable treatment" of women emerged. Source link

Tyga’s pet tiger leads to federal charges for Florida man

Wrangler Nicholas Lee Bishop faces up to five years for aiding the purchase of a protected species. Source link

Pink reveals Christina Aguilera once tried to punch her

The duo feuded after working together on their 2001 hit song "Lady Marmalade." Source link

Katy Perry gets stuck mid-air on floating platform during concert

Katy Perry is out of this world. Source link

Chester Bennington’s will requests his 6 kids see each other

Chester Bennington’s last wish was for his family to stay together. Source link

Russell Simmons, Queens students urge nation to 'keep the peace'

The hip hop mogul took a break Thursday from the noise of civic activism to promote a little peace and quiet — well,...

This painting's one flaw has experts questioning its authenticity

The devil is in the details of this painting of Jesus Christ done by renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci. Source link

Demi Lovato hid addictions while promoting her sobriety

The pop star didn’t initially practice what she preached after she completed treatment for substance abuse. Source link

Billy Corgan might finally be ready to get out of his own way

It's taken a while for Billy Corgan to recognize that he's better off when he lets his music do all the talking. Source link...

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