Ariana Grande's mom took fans backstage to safety after bombing

Ariana Grande's mom kept several concertgoers safe after a bomb went off outside the U.K. arena where her daughter had just performed. Source link...

Ariana Grande’s opening act send prayers to victims of bombing

The rapper who performed as Ariana Grande's opening act in Manchester shared her heartbreak for the victims of the horrific terror attack. Source link...

'Radiate' brings sci-fi trilogy to a satisfying end: book review

The final chapter in C.A. Higgins' "Lightless" trilogy finally shines the spotlight on a fascinating duo. Source link

Ariana Grande reportedly ‘in hysterics’ after Manchester blast

Ariana Grande is safe after an explosion at her Manchester show killed at least 19 people and injured at least 50 others. Source link...

Chris Cornell’s funeral to be held this Friday in Los Angeles

A private funeral for late Soundgarden rocker Chris Cornell will take place this Friday. Source link

Miley Cyrus performs at Billboard Awards ‘with pants on'

This year, Miley Cyrus is staying fully clothed. Source link

Notorious B.I.G. honored at Billboard Music Awards

On what would have been his 45th birthday, Notorious B.I.G. was honored at the Billboard Music Awards. Source link

'Whirligig’ spins a story of a troubled family: theater review

Hamish Linklater's latest play is hit and miss. Source link

FBI files on Prince show he received ‘threatening’ messages

The FBI has released files on the legendary pop star Prince, revealing that he received threatening messages from a deranged woman. Source link

Bob Carter reportedly had heart attack symptoms before death

Bob Carter, the father of Nick and Aaron Carter, suffered symptoms of a heart attack before his death this week, according to a...

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