Black Panther Is Coming Real Close To Beating The Avengers At The Box Office

One thing's for sure: Deadpool is no match for King T'Challa and the warriors of Wakanda, as Black Panther has officially beat out...

Eddie Redmayne Wore Tons Of Deodorant And ‘Pulled Lots Of Muscles’ For Early Man

Eddie Redmayne is a man of many talents, but, apparently, doing voices is not one of them. ...

Brie Larson, Serena Williams, And More Celebs Who Are Helping Kids See Black Panther

J.J. Abrams, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Clinton, Snoop Dogg, Viola Davis Thanks to New York-based Frederick Joseph’s...

Michael B. Jordan Credits Ryan Coogler For Giving Him The ‘Self-Confidence’ To Direct

Over the past few years, Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan have established themselves as one of Hollywood's formidable duos since the release...

Kanye West takes down Instagram after Valentine’s Day photo spree

The rapper shared a barrage of pictures commemorating Valentine's Day on Wednesday. Source link

17-year-old Olympian Red Gerard fails trying to name old songs

Do you feel old yet? 17-year-old Red Gerard had trouble naming '90s music. Source link

New Ready Player One Trailer Takes Us Right Into Our Video Game Future

Ready Player One is here to transport us to our VR headset-wearing, video game-living future. The...

Ryan Coogler On The ‘Dynamic’ Female Energy Of Black Panther

On the eve of what is arguably the most monumental moment of his career — not to mention, a record-breaking opening weekend —...

Rapper Lil Pump reportedly arrested for firing a gun in his home

"Gucci Gang" rapper Lil Pump was reportedly arrested Wednesday for firing a gun in his California home. Source link

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