Will Smith reportedly in talks to star as genie in ‘Aladdin'

Will Smith might be stepping into Robin Williams’ blue skin. Source link

Naomi Watts gets revenge on straphanger by snapping photo of her

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Source link

'Unforgettable' a dull thriller with Katherine Heigl: review

Remember this: It's a basic Lifetime mystery, with a bigger budget. Source link

Chrissy Teigen Keeps Gifting Us With Precious Pics Of Her Snuggly Daughter Luna! See...

We don't know who we love more: Chrissy Teigen or her precious baby girl! Ok, we love them both equally!! Especially since we get...

Amy Schumer’s ‘Barbie’ casting prompts fat-shaming backlash

Life in plastic may not be fantastic for Amy Schumer. Source link

Janice Dickinson vows to continue lawsuit vs. Bill Cosby

Janice Dickinson isn't letting up on Bill Cosby. Source link

Amber Heard plays mom with Elon Musk’s kids

Amber Heard's relationship with SpaceX founder Elon Musk's family appears to be out of this world. Source link

Adriana Lima slams idea she's to blame for Matt Harvey's actions

Adriana Lima has a message for Mets fans that think she is to blame for Matt Harvey’s bad behavior. Source link

Brooke Shields is a perfect '3'

Brooke Shields is a perfect '3' — in riding boots. Source link

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