Melania Trump wears Michael Kors to President's Congress address

Melania Trump sparkled at President Trump’s first Joint Address to Congress Tuesday night, dressed in a sequined black suit. Source link

Sean Penn’s son Hopper reveals battle with meth addiction

Sean Penn’s divorce from Robin Wright sent his son down a dangerous path of drug addiction. Source link

Oprah Winfrey deposited a $2M check at the bank

Oprah Winfrey finally had a good reason to go to the bank. Source link

NBC News anchor Natalie Pasquarella’s water breaks on air

She gave new meaning to the term live birth. Source link

George R. R. Martin: ‘Life for a Jets fan is an unending torment’

It may only be October, but for Jets fans: Winter is here. Source link

Robert Blake to wed for third time, 12 years after acquit

Actor Robert Blake will be walking down the aisle once more. Source link

Cannes Palme d'Or goes to Ruben Ostlund's "The Square"

The Cannes Film Festival is gearing up to award its prestigious Palme d'Or at a glitzy award ceremony. Source link

Kim Kardashian releases raunchy emojis shortly after Paris scare

Despite recent events, Kim Kardashian just released a slew of provacative emojis, where she is seen in several suggestive poses. The scandalous emojis have...

So Soon! Taylor Swift Meets Tom Hiddleston's Mom As A Source Says The Singer...

Things are heating up so fast! Just hours after he met her parents, Tom Hiddleston brought Taylor Swift out to his hometown of Ipswich,...

Ariana Grande resuming her tour tonight in Paris

Ariana Grande resumes her tour tonight in Paris after suspending shows following last month's deadly terrorist attack in Manchester. Source link

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