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Way to stick up for what’s right, girl!

About a week ago, blogger Mel Wells called out the phone company Samsung for their “beauty level” filter. Wells discovered the automatic photoshop feature after celebrating her new phone purchase with a cute selfie.

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Unfortunately for Ms. Wells, after she took the photo she realized the phone airbrushed all of her natural beauty without her consent. Surprisingly, the “beauty level” filter is a default setting for every new Samsung cell!

Check out M.W.’s pissed off response to filter-gate (below)!

Wow! The gorgeous gal really went there — it’s clear she’s really angry!

While a lot of fans were inspired and pleased with Mel’s message, some users wondered why the author chose not to turn off the filter which could have solved the situation.

In response, the blonde explained:

All great points, girl! Airbrushing is not the norm!

So, what do YOU think of Mel’s message?

[Image via Instagram.]

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