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0719-adrien-broner-mug-shot-01Adrien Broner got a big fact rejection from an Ohio judge — who denied the boxer’s request for an early release from jail … after showing up to court drunk earlier this month.

As we previously reported, Broner was sentenced to 30 days in jail after arriving to court 3 hours late and drunk on July 19th … on a day where his bowling alley attack case was supposed to be thrown out. 

But on Thursday, Broner asked the court to cut him a break and let him out early so he could train for an upcoming fight … but the judge shut him down hard.

“If I let you go early because you’re a sports star, what message does that send? You didn’t show up. You were three hours late and drunk. I said 30 days, and 30 is the number,” the judge said. 

Meantime, Broner celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday … so, happy birthday?

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