50 Cent says don’t bring your gun “In Da Club” when he’s there.

“Hell no!” he laughed while discussing season three of the Starz show “Power,” where he’s a producer. “I’m not performing for you.”

Gun nuts including Donald Trump have hinted that clubgoers might be safer if they were packing heat while popping corks. Fitty, who’s been shot nine times, says that we’ll never be rid of guns, but velvet ropes and assault rifles just don’t mix.

“We’ve seen this happen before — a shot goes off and people are pushing and shoving and running for their lives,” he said. “Everyone having a gun is not the answer.”

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One thing Fitty has been sneaking into clubs lately is himself. The acting, rapping, entrepreneur, who served as a guest editor for this section last year, has been slipping in and out of comedy clubs in recent weeks to scout talent for his new A&E variety show “50 Cent Presents.”

“I dress down, I dress different,” he said. “I’ve been wearing hats.”

According to Fitty, he recently checked out a comedy showcase in Manhattan and sat in the back of the room completely undetected all night long.

“They recognized me as I was leaving, but I got through the show and no one knew I was there until the end,” he said.

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Though Fitty says he has no interest in adding “comedian” to his resume, he respects people who rock the mic with jokes.

“Standup is really difficult, it’s like working out,” he said. “You miss a day you’re not going to be the same when you go back the day after.”

Fitty says the comedian he’s studied the most is his former flame Chelsea Handler.

“I pay close attention to Chelsea,” he said. “She’s really good and it’s because she never turns it off.”

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